What we do

Medicine and medical care can make a person with a (chronic) disorder feel better, but it has its limits. In daily life symptoms like extreme fatigue, depressed feelings and pain often still remain. Hidden Health Solutions adds another way to improve quality of life: by learning from the experiences of people that are ill.

About us

How it works

Our method uses a natural form of communication between people: exchanging stories. What's new, is that we collect large amounts of stories in a structural way. Stories about people's daily experiences with their wellbeing. Then extract new insights, product improvements and solutions from those stories. Patients help doctors, scientists, companies or their fellow patients to improve their quality of life.

Our method

Solutions we offer

We bring health organisations and their customers or patients together for open innovation and to improve services and products. We strengthen research consortia where the patient perspective is needed. We help patient organisations find new ideas for improving quality of life of their members. Feel free to contact us for more information.