For Research Projects

Strengthen your research consortium by truly incorporating the patient perspective. Would you like to be able to enrich your research project with the knowledge that is hidden in patients’ daily experiences? When Hidden Health Solutions is part of the consortium you can make this knowledge available.

Why incorporate patient experiences?

Learning from the experiences of patients can lead to insights and discover patterns in how lifestyle and other environmental factors affect wellbeing. Hidden Health Solutions uses a method to learn in a structured way from patients experiences. This helps to get a better understanding of the influence of the exposome on health.

Scientists and medical specialists have put considerable effort in understanding the molecular processes in the body when it is ill. Also, the mapping of the human DNA landscape, the Human Genome, has broadened the knowledge about biological processes in humans. Lately, it has been understood that the expression of genes (in the DNA) is another relevant area to better understand diseases. This is called the ‘epigenome’ which seems to play an important role in the onset of chronic diseases. The epigenome in its turn interacts with the exposome, which is the totality of human environmental exposures, including lifestyle factors. However, we do not know much about how this interaction works. The question is where to begin, it is a field that yet has to be discovered scientifically.